Episode 8

Published on:

30th Jun 2020

#8 Communicating Through Story w/ Clare Murphy

From main-stage theaters to medieval round-towers Clare has been a professional storyteller for 14 years now. She has performed in more than 20 countries, telling stories for all kinds of audiences. Her performances include shows such as “The King of Lies,” political folkloric shows set, and playful pieces which explore where quantum physics, philosophy and mythology meet.

From storytelling for the President of Ireland to performing at the Writers room of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Clare also performs at festivals, art centers, universities, public and private events, and she teaches for us at the MCTI.

But what Clare actually teaches is basic COMMUNICATION skills!!!

Our careers have an arc, our training events have an arc, our more acute missions have an arc, briefings have an arc, the books, and the films we love are based on a well structured story arc, and all of our communications are in pursuit of as much common understanding as possible, or else are we really a high-performing team?

We, of course, talk about Clare's background, but we also discuss:

  • speaking in technicolor
  • building context
  • stories that go nowhere...that never get resolved
  • communicating to one person in order to talk to everyone, rather than talking to everyone which has you talking to no one
  • getting a team's brain out in the open for everyone to learn from collective experience (we say we want to be a high performing team, not a group of high performing individuals)
  • burning down libraries
  • origin stories
  • discovering what right looks like
  • embedding images of high performance

Clare Murphy, Irish-born Storyteller

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