Episode 3

Published on:

21st Jun 2021

S2 Ep3 Creativity within Mission Critical Teams

Please enjoy Harry's conversation with Professor Kate Stevens and Ben Pronk. Kate is a cognitive scientist and Professor in Psychology who’s work investigates humans interacting with each other, their environment, and with technology. Ben is a veteran and former Commanding Officer of  Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment and is now the managing partner of Mettle Global. They have a broad ranging discussion on whether or not creativity is more prevalent or necessary in the MCTI community, or is it merely Harry’s recency/confirmation bias. Below are some of the resources mentioned in the episode. 

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About the Podcast

Mission Critical Team Institute Teamcast
Preston Cline, Coleman Ruiz, and the Mission Critical Team Institute share research and explore the questions vexing the most elite teams in the world, from Special Operations soldiers to Firefighters, from Trauma Medics to Professional Athletes, and from Astronauts to Tactical Law Enforcement.

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Coleman Ruiz

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Co-Founder and Director of Performance, Mission Critical Team Institute

Preston Cline

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Co-founder and Director of Research and Education at the Mission Critical Team Institute
Senior Fellow, Center for Leadership and Change Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania