Episode 10

Published on:

24th Aug 2020

#10 Cleveland Brown's Director of High Performance, Shaun Huls

Today, I speak with Shaun Huls, Director of High Performance at NFL Football team, the Cleveland Browns. Shaun has worked for 30 years in college sport, military special operations, and professional football in America.

In the conversation, we discuss:

- sports science and human performance,

- we talk about the myths of physical and mental performance,

- skill acquisition and skill transition,

- staying a white belt everyday,

- the origin of one of the NCAA's first strength and conditioning programs in the country,

- taking care of the primary "human weapon system," as Shaun describes it to me,

- on how you don't have to "get ready" if you "stay ready"

- willing oneself to be a great player off of one thing: a routine

- removing the word "potential" from your name

- growing beyond your mentor

- how your primary responsibility on any high performing team is acquiring skills and knowledge, and executing that skill: slow, then at speed, then at speed when fatigued, then at speed when fatigued, and under pressure, and doing so consistently.

Please enjoy my conversation with the Cleveland Browns' Director of High Performance, my friend, Shaun Huls.

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